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This site allows the transportation research community to:

  • share information and
  • communicate, coordinate, and collaborate on shared issues.  

Over time, we envision this site as the go-to, collective set of best practices for:

  • planning,
  • funding,
  • conducting,
  • managing,
  • implementing,
  • sharing, and
  • evaluating research programs, projects, results, and products.

The richness of this site comes from the announcements, discussions, documents, events, and links contributed by the research community.

 Register to Contribute Content

We need you to help us make this a vibrant one-stop-shop for transportation research program and project management information by:

  • adding an event or link,
  • posting an announcement or document, or
  • starting a discussion. 

NOTE: Please review the RPPM Posting Guidance found on the left-hand menu prior to posting information.

Start the process today to contribute your content! Anyone can view the site, but to fully participate by contributing content, you will need to register for access to this site. 


Registration is a two-step process. Please see the RPPM Posting Guidance for more details.

  1. Register as an AASHTO E-Affiliate. Notes: Keep the password you used for registration; it will be your password to access the RPPM site once Member permissions have been granted. Once you have registered as an AASHTO E-Affiliate, you will receive an automatic e-mail that may look like you have been granted Member permissions for RPPM; however, you must complete Step 2 in order to gain Member access to the collaborative features of this site.
  2. Send an e-mail to, requesting Member-level access to the site, including the e-mail address used in Step 1. Once Member permissions are granted, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from The AASHTO Membership System Team indicating your request has been approved. This e-mail will certify that your registration is complete.​​

 Site Overview

​This site is organized around five main concepts:

Choose a topic above to learn more and access the announcements, discussions, documents, links, and other work products specific to each topic.

 Contact Us

This SharePoint website was created by the AASHTO Research Advisory Committee (RAC) Coordination and Collaboration Task Force and the TRB Conduct of Research (COR) Committee - Coordination and Collaboration Subcommittee  

If you or your organization have any ​comments, would like to become involved and help set the direction of this effort, and/or are having trouble using the site, please contact RPPM Support.​​​