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There are a number of places where unfunded research needs exist, such as the AASHTO Transportation and Environment Research Ideas (TERI) and the TRB Research Needs Statements (RNS) databases, in reports, and on various websites. The purpose of this site is to provide a place for unfunded research needs to be posted. 

Search Help:  Use the search box below to search for items specifically in the list of Unfunded and Partially Funded Research Needs projects (with the exception of content in the URL column that links to another website). If the search does not result in any findings, you may expand the search by using the main search box located at the ​top right hand of the page; this tool will search the entire website. 

The needs posted below and in other places, such as those found in the AASHTO TERI and TRB RNS databases, can be searchable through the Transportation Research Needs Google Custom Meta Search.​​​​​​​​ This meta search tool was developed for a number of reasons: (1) to foster collaboration between organizations with similar research needs, (2) to identify topics that can be submitted to funded research programs for consideration, and/or (​3) to identify appropriate topics for academic research. guideline on how to make websites Google Custom Search-friendly is also available.

Disclaimer:  The inclusion of a research needs statement in the search results does not guarantee that the statement has been vetted by a group of expert peers, with the exception of results from the TRB Research Needs Statements (RNS) database, and confirmed as a valid research need. 

Users of this search tool should conduct a thorough review of the research topic before taking action on any of the research needs statements identified through its use. If you are interested in one or more of the following research needs, click on the Title ​to view the details and send an email to the contact person listed under that idea; please also complete this survey.

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Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)Transportation Research BoardView report
FederalFederal Highway AdministrationView Report
Safety and Human Factors
Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)The National AcademiesBuy book
Administration and Management
Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)Transportation Research Boardunfunded projectsAttachment
Administration and Management
Non-Profit (AASHTO, TKNs, TRB, etc.)Transportation Research Boardunfunded projectsAttachment